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A Heritage Wairarapa event –

Visit to Fareham House, Sunday 24 November 2pm to 3pm.

Fareham House from Facebook.PNG

80 Underhill Road, Featherston.

Fareham House is a Category 2 listed Historic Place with Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga.

It was built in 1896 by pioneering Wairarapa farmers William and Lucy Barton, according to a news report when it was for sale in 2014. William and Lucy Barton, owners of White Rock Station, built Fareham as a townhouse and raised five daughters there. From the 1940s it was owned by the Social Welfare Department, which ran a girls’ home. It was sold in 1981 to the Wycliffe Bible Translators, and then to private ownership. … Wairarapa Archive records show Fareham House was originally used as a home for Maori girls who were taught “good social graces and to become good housewives”. In the early 1960s its role changed and it became a home for “seriously disturbed or delinquent girls”. Though matron Kuini Te Tau said the girls were not really bad. Their main offences were usually wagging school or stealing. (Source: this news item)


We will announce our first 2020 event when we have organised it.