US Marines Hall (Former), Titahi Bay

This building has now been demolished. It was constructed in 1942 as part of the US Marines camp in Titahi Bay. It is the last structure left of those buildings purpose-built during WWII for the eight US Marines camps strung along the coast north of Wellington and has high architectural value as well as historical and cultural values. The Porirua Little Theatre which has been in this building since 1970 has had to vacate because of its poor condition and the council is currently considering its future including possible demolition. It is listed on the Porirua City Council’s (PCC) Historic Heritage schedule #HHB019. Click on the link below to visit the PCC website for more information:

US Marines Hall (Former), Titahi Bay

In historical terms, the association with the US Marines is the building’s most significant quality. It directly illustrates New Zealand’s role in the Pacific war and our modern association with the United States which began at that time. This wartime association still resonates strongly today, as shown by the strong community interest and participation in the 70th anniversary celebrations of the Marines’ arrival.

Historic Places Wellington has opposed an application by owner Porirua City Council for resource consent to demolish this building. In April 2015 the decision to demolish the hall was postponed to allow Porirua Little Theatre time to further develop a business case for repair and reinstatement of the building using a shared responsibility funding model. UPDATE, 23 May 2018: Porirua City Council approved demolition of the building. 9 April 2020: Porirua City Council has applied for Resource Consent to demolish the building. The relevant documents can be viewed here.

18 May 2020: We made another submission opposing demolition. (Edited version, with contact details removed, can be accessed here (PDF): US Marines Hall submission

US Marines Hall (Former)
US Marines Hall (Former)

Photograph by Priscilla Williams

Article from Dominion Post, 16 August 2017 (or read an online copy here).

Marines bldg Dom Post Aug 17